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‘Cinderella at the Emerald Castle’ Coming To iTunes


I like to think of myself as an ardent observer of cartoons, including the Disney clones sitting in the $5 bin at Walmart – however, some things do slip under my radar and catch me by surprise. While partaking in my usual search for cheesy films on iTunes – yes, I really do this – I came across Cinderella at the Emerald Castle: An Animated Classic. I discovered that it’s owned by an Italian company called Mondo TV. The studio behind the creation of this movie goes by PlumTum. Tatsunoko Productions co-produced it, which would explain the anime style artwork.

Here is what the iTunes page says about the movie:

Come along with Cinderella as she ventures into the Emerald Castle in this high quality animated feature for your kids and family.

It doesn’t look like something anybody should rush to buy, and their emphasis on “high quality” and “classic” sounds a few alarms in my mind. Therefore, you can bet your copy of Flappy Bird that I’ll be watching it as soon as possible. If you want to see what other films PlumTum has to offer while you wait, you may also purchase Robin Hood I: An Animated Classic and Welcome Back Pinocchio: An Animated Classic, among others.

Cinderella at the Emerald Castle: An Animated Classic will be available February 25th at a price of $7.99: An Animated Classic.


Megan Scussel

Megan Scussel is a freelance writer who grew up with the likes of Rainbow Brite and She-Ra. She has every line from Ducktales: The Movie memorized. Her go-to sick day movie is Fantasia. She hopes to someday be the shining star of a Dreamworks poster, arms crossed and lips molded into a smirk. You can see more of her writing by going to
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