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In the all of the Craziness dealing with Sinclair and Tribune – Sinclair ALSO is getting into the animation business with new Block.

On the heels of one of the biggest deals for local stations, Sinclair is (coming back?) to the animation and Kids industries, with KidsClick. They will be working with Wegels and MGM’s THIS TV to show the block on a 3 hour basis every day, and 7 to 10 every Saturday. The reason possibly for the LONGER daily strip is that they want to get over credit (similar) for e/i shows like PBS does.

So, here is a interesting thing. the 4 major networks do live action works now (Via Litton), while Sinclair MIGHT possibly do animation, in house (as in, in house in that they are the direct distributors of the content.) Sinclair is playing for keeps, and this Tribune deal and now the KidsClick block is only just the start.

And everybody forgets that that Sinclair gets a lot of money from the retransmission fees via cable. The more these cable nets die off, and the more the OTT substations live, the more it favors Sinclair.

Read more here:

Sinclair to Launch ‘KidsClick’ Multiplatform Programming Block for Children


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  1. Takao Takao

    Other than local newscasts and Ring of Honor, Sinclair doesn’t really produce a lot of television themselves. I’m fully expecting KidsClick to mostly consist of second run programs, either from the smaller cable channels or abroad.

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