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Cyber Group, Turner Team Up for Taffy

Cyber Group Studios and Turner have recently joined forces in order to produce a new retro-inspired animated series titled Taffy. The series is intended for the broadcaster’s kid’s channel, Boomerang, for airing across international markets. France will also get to see Taffy via France Televisions.

Taffy consists of a 76 x 7 series of episodes, with admitted inspiration from Hanna-Barbera classics. The episodes follow a non-stop, slapstick extravaganza starring the loyal hound dog Bentley and his billionaire lady owner, Mrs. Muchmore. Chaos ensues when they take in an imposter posing as a fluffy angora cat, under the name. Each episode will see Bentley try his best to expose “Taffy” for the vermin that he really is.

“We were on the look-out for an original series for Boomerang inspired by the great Hanna Barbera classics and that’s how we came to work on a development project, followed by this fantastic co- production with Cyber Group Studios,” said Turner’s Hidalgo. “Taffy perfectly matches our ambition and we’re confident it will be an instant hit when it premieres on Boomerang from the end of this year.”

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