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David Tennant and Sophie Aldred meet in Cbeebies’ Tree Fu Tom

David Tennant and Sophie Aldred meet in Cbeebies’ Tree Fu Tom

Doctor Who Alumni David Tennant (who played the 10th Doctor) and Sophie Aldred (who played Ace, the 7th doctor’s Companion) will lend their voice talents to Cbeebies’ newest multi-platform fantasy/action-adventure preschool series Tree Fu Tom this March 2012. Tennant and Aldred will lend voices to the series’ protagonists Twigs (Tennant) and Tom (Aldred). The series also features the voices of Samantha Dakin and Tim Whitnall, and will debut on CBeebies UK this March 2012.

Tree Tom Fu is a physical movement-focused series that follows Tom (your run-of-the-mill 8 year old), who is able to perform magic action movements – known as Tree Fu – when he puts on his magic belt, which transforms and transports him to the enchanted kingdom. The series uses therapeutic movement techniques that are used to help kids with movement disorders such as Dyspraxia, but also support physical development for all kids. The series also features a corresponding interactive website, created by Plug In Media, which includes games and activities. Parent support content and behind the scenes footage and interviews will also be available at

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