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Despicable Me and Dragon Quest Cross Over

Illumination Entertainment’s massively popular Despicable Me franchise and Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series don’t really occupy the same niche, despite its fans having some overlap with each other—but it’s quite normal for Gru’s adorkable little yellow minions to get into places where they don’t belong, so a new crossover campaign between Despicable Me 3 and Dragon Quest XI may not be expected, but certainly timely given the date of their respective releases.

First up is Square Enix’s tool called Minna no Slime (, which allows fans to design their own custom Slime. The tool recently added a Minion variety to its front page, so you can design a Minion-inspired Slime (for the uninitiated, Slimes are cute, and usually cannon fodder enemies in the Dragon Quest franchise.)

Next is the Japanese music video for Pharrell William’s “Yellow Light,” which is his contribution to the soundtrack of Despicable Me 3. The Japanese version of the music video is similar to the US version, except for one key diffrence: at 2:55, you get to see a pixel art version of Pharrell jump over Tetris blocks and encounter Slimes along the way.

It is said there will be more crossovers in the future, but no details have been given as of yet.

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