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Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC in Early 2018

As a primarily PC gamer (we have an Xbox 360 and a PS4, but we spend more time on the PC), we’re not exactly proud of port begging but from time to time, it works. There’s the recent glut of Sega titles such as Vanquish and Bayonetta making its way to Steam. Now, Square Enix is joining the fray as a recent announcement made on Gamescom 2017 revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC via Steam.

Dubbed “Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition,” the PC port of the latest installment in the numbered Final fantasy franchise will come with all the bells and whistles—native 4K resolution and HDR10 support (with the ability to scale the graphics all the way to 8K!) as well as support for GameWorks technology features and capture tools. You can find out more details in the trailer below:

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