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Gormiti TV Series Makes Waves in Italy

According to recent reports, Planeta Junior, Giochi Preziosi, and Kotoc animation studios’ brand new 3D CG action comedy series Gormiti has recently achieved major ratings success in Italy. The ratings are said to be above-average on Rai,with Gormiti’s launch garnering more than 300,000 viewers on Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp on October 1st, followed by the launch of new episodes on November 22nd, which reached more than 400,000 viewers and over 100,000 4-7 year olds on Rai Yoyo, and 120,000 on Rai Gulp.

For the uninitiated, Gormitti follows the adventures of four kids who discover the hidden “One Tower,” which made all of their heroic dreams and aspirations come true. Along with the One Tower, they discovered and came into the possession of the Elemental Bracers, which allow them to call and fight with the legendary Gormiti. But the Tower revealed itself for a reason: the Darkans, Gormiti ancestral enemies, are back, threatening all living beings in Gorm. Unprepared, the kids need to learn how to become true heralds. With the help of Ao-ki, the girl tasked to train them, the new heroes will master the Elemental Bracers, call the legendary Gormiti and save their world. Gormiti is a series about team work, friendship, achieving goals and having fun!

The ratings that Gormiti achieved are higher than the channel average, and was sustained or exceeded by the series every episode since. RAI Gulp broadcasts Gormiti daily at 7.00 am and at 5.30 pm, RAI Yoyo screens the series from Sunday to Friday at 8.45 pm.

Gormitti is written by a team of international writers led by show creator Romain Van Liemt. The series so far consists of 52 episodes that last 11 minutes each. The shows bring to life Giochi Preziosi’s Gormiti characters, which first became a global phenomenon in 2005 as one of the leading boys action property across Europe, generating sales of of over 500 million figures and retail revenues of €1.5 billion.

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