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He-Man versus Superman at Toy Fair 2010

He-Man versus Superman at Toy Fair 2010

He-Man; super-strong good guy. Superman; super-strong good guy. We can all see the connection, so Mattel decided to capitalize on it and just partner the two up! Mattel is bringing their new action figure line of Masters of the Universe Classics to retail, paired up with DC Comics characters. The new figures, sculpted by Four Horsemen, have the look and feel of the original cartoon from the 1980s, but with modern style and craftsmanship. And, what’s more, they’ll be packaged in with 6″ DC Universe Classic action figures. The first 2-pack from this line will of course be Superman and He-Man, as the two stand toe-to-toe as they’ve done before, in DC Comics Presents #47. The toys were featured at Toy Fair 2010, and can now be seen here at ToonBarn! Check out the shots

Masters of the Universe Classics DC Universe Classics

DC Comics Presents 47 He-Man Superman

Lex Luthor Skeletor DC MotU toys

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