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The Hub Network Reveals March Slate for The Littlest Pet Shop

The Hub Network has recently announced the episode details for The Littlest Pet Shop’s March slate. The Littlest Pet Shop will have 5 episodes for this month, and will continue to air on their regular timeslot during Saturdays, 11:30 AM-Noon ET. You can check out the list of episodes below:

March 1 – “Inside Job”: Blythe, wanting to bring back the school’s former and superior bottled water, runs for class president against the Biskits while the pets suffer escalating annoyance from a mysterious buzzing noise originating from somewhere in the shop.

March 8 – “Plane it on Rio!”: Blythe and the pets try to outdo each other in the Carnival parade in Rio, but an old nemesis decides to show up, intent on defeating them. Meanwhile Blythe and Minka tour the jungle and meet some local pets.

March 15 – “Littlest Bigfoot”: Bigfoot fanatic Roger Baxter buys a camper trailer and takes Blythe and the pets on a camping trip. The pets worry about Penny Ling’s whereabouts while Blythe discovers the Biskit twins and their father are camped nearby and destroying the forest.

March 22 – “Sunil’s Sick Day”: When Sunil and Vinnie have a falling out, it’s up to Blythe and Russell to figure out how to mend the rift that has developed between the two pals’ friendship.

March 29 – “The Hedgehog in The Plastic Bubble”: Worried that he might be causing accidents with his quills, Russell tries isolating himself from the other pets. Meanwhile, Blythe quarantines herself to protect everyone from a potential rare sickness.

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