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Imagination Movers to Get Their Own Animated Series: Super Movers

I have to admit that I didn’t like Imagination Movers when I first saw my daughter watching the show on Disney Junior, which is a given as I’m not exactly the target demographic. Like most fathers, I had no choice but to catch episodes from time to time as we don’t let our 3 year old tot watch TV unsupervised (even if it is a kid’s channel.)

However, like most mothers, I ended up falling in love with Imagination Movers. The guys (and gal. Gotta love Nina) are actually funny and likable, and the songs are catchy. It was kind of sad that we’re watching reruns, but no more: according to a recent press release from 9 Story Entertainment, the quartet is hard at work on a new series, only this time it’s going to be in animated form.

Dubbed “Super Movers,” the new series is described as an energetic comedy aimed at kids aged 4 to 7. Given the M.O. of the band (and yes, they are a real band – they do tours and stuff even without the TV show,) it’s expected that the series will feature their music interspersed with a healthy dose of kid-friendly comedy, and there’s the occasional moral lesson thrown in.

The biggest difference is that the Movers’ animated versions will have over-the-top superpowers. The main theme running throughout the series is that the Super Movers will show every child that their own inner super power is just waiting to be discovered.

“The idea of helping young kids discover their own special abilities in a way that’s high-energy and filled with music is right up our alley,” says Dave Poche from Imagination Movers. “9 Story shares our creative vision and we are so excited to be working with them to bring Super Movers to life.”


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