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New iOS Apps Based on VeggieTales

New iOS Apps Based on VeggieTales
Big Idea Entertainment and Ruckus Media Group have recently inked a new deal in which ruckus gets worldwide rights to develop interactive storybook apps based on the hit franchise VeggieTales.

Targeted towards K48, the Ruckus Mobile Apps for iOS based devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) are all designed to provide parents with an opportunity to play with their kids in interactive activities that incorporate the VeggieTales characters. The Apps also provide parents with a digital report card that provides direct feedback on their kids’ reading.

Ruckus is planning is planning to launch three iReaders designed for three different reading levels worldwide with English language distribution in June 2012. The storybook apps will be based on Big Idea Entertainment’s previous DVDs Pistachio (level 1), Sweetpea Beauty (level 2), and Big River Rescue (level 2). A fourth title is already in production to tie-in to Big Idea’s major fall 2012 release The League of Incredible Vegetables (level 3).

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