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Korean magical girl series Flowering Heart gets English release on YouTube

South Korea’s Iconix has launched an English version of their Flowering Heart magical girl animated series globally onto YouTube. The first episode debuted last Friday, with new episodes uploaded every Friday at 10 AM Pacific on the show’s official channel.

Ari is a cute 12-year old elementary school student who likes to dress up and look good. The most important thing to Ari is the Problem Solving Club. With brainy Soo-ha and athletic Min, she creates the Problem Solving Club in order to “help people in need as an after-school activity!” Then one day, Ari gets a magical power that allows transformation. By helping people in trouble she successfully collects Hopeful Energy. Meanwhile, the transmission of Hopeful Energy into the World of Magic throws a wrench into Queen Canaby’s plan to dominate the World of Magic with Hopeless Energy. Will Ari and her friends be able to use Hopeful Energy from the human world to restore the World of Magic’s Light of Happiness?

Flowering Heart is produced by Iconix, broadcaster EBS and toy company Mimiworld in collaboration with Dr. Movie and Bridge. The series lead writer is Woojin Lee, who also acts as producer, with Shinji Ishihara as director and Masanori Iizuka as animation director. The first 26×11 minute episode season premiered on EBS1 in South Korea between January 29 and May 24, 2016. A second season with the same episode count ran on the channel from May 29 to November 21, 2017. The series recently premiered in Hong Kong on TVB Jade.

Flowering Heart English Dub

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  1. Abeera Aimen Abeera Aimen

    Why is flowering heart season 2 episodes not in English and is season 2 the last season

  2. epoch epoch

    is season 2 gonna come out???
    i wanna know already!!!!

  3. A Fan of this anime A Fan of this anime

    This is stupid because the ending is like a “to be continued” and yet it hasn’t continue for at least 3 years! I hope they make a season 3 because this is really good and I want to see more! Also I want to see a ship sale!❤️❤️❤️

    • Georgina Georgina

      The season two has come out but no one has bothered to dub or subtitle it so its only in korean unfortunately.
      I have looked on pretty much every streaming source i can find and it isnt on any of them.
      Netflix only had season 1 aswell as other streaming sites like anime planet

  4. Melissa Ott Melissa Ott

    Awwwwww man it was just getting good I want to see season 3 is so good

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