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Madagascar, Rise of the Guardians, and the Croods Get Games

Madagascar, Rise of the Guardians, and the Croods Get Games

A bunch of DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming movies will get their own videogames as DreamWorks Animation and interactive entertainment software developer D3Publisher (D3P) sign a worldwide publishing agreement for games based on three new animated feature films: Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Rise of the Guardians, and the Croods.

Madagascar 3: The Video Game (tentative title) is scheduled for a June 2012 release, which coincides with the North American release date of the movie it as based on – Jun 8, 2012. Rise of the Guardians and its video game tie-in, on the other hand, will be relesed in the Holiday seasons of 2012, to be followed by the release of the Croods movie and its tie-in game at spring of the following year (2013).

D3P is well-known for kid-friendly games (mostly on portable devices and handhelds) so you can expect the upcoming DreamWorks games to be aimed towards pre-teens and younger.

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