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Monster Entertainment’s Earth to Luna! Goes Global

Monster Entertainment has recently secured a raft of new deals for their science-based kid’s series, Earth to Luna!. The animated TV PinGuim show has been sold to CNC Media International for home video rights in South Korea, Radio Television Hong Kong for broadcast rights in HK, Horng En Culture for the DVD and VOD rights in Taiwan, Hopster for SVOD rights, and inflight rights has been secured by Azul Brazilian Airlines and Emirates.

For the uninitiated, Earth to Luna! is an animated series that revolves around a 6 year old girl who loves science above all else. Each episode follows Luna and her little brother Jupiter, as well as their pet ferret Clyde as they seek answers to various questions. All with the help of a little science!

Earth to Luna! Was created by TV PinGuim, which is known in Brazil for their various educational cartoons targeted towards children. The company has been developing content since 2009, and Earth to Luna! is poised to be their most successful one yet in terms of reach.

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