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New Field Footage Trailer Released for Ever Oasis

Don’t ever think that the arrival of the Nintendo Switch means that the Nintendo 3DS is on its way out, because the little 3D handheld that could is still getting games. It doesn’t have the same spring in its step, but it is still pretty much alive – and as proof, it’s going to get a new anime-inspired RPG in the way of “Ever Oasis,” which has been scheduled for release in the West on June 23.

Since it’s launching at a time when developers have already explored what the Nintendo 3DS hardware is capable of, it’s not a surprise that Ever Oasis looks real good for a 3DS game, and will be one of the titles you want to get if you wish to maximize the capabilities of your soon-to-be-obsolete handheld. As for how good it looks in action, the most recent “Field Footage” trailer will show you:

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