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Nickelodeon Gets Breakthrough/Atomic’s Rocket Monkeys


Breakthrough Entertainment and Atomic Cartoons’ Rocket Monkeys will be heading to Nickelodeon worldwide this spring. The 26 x 26 animated show focuses on two astronaut monkey siblings Gus and Wally, who had the unfortunate responsibility to represent earth as they go on hilarious intergalactic adventures throughout the cosmos. While Wally and Gus are well meaning, and clearly more intelligent than your average simian, piloting a rocket ship and exploring the vast reaches of space isn’t exactly the kind of thing you go into blindly, so expect a lot of hilarity to ensue.

“Rocket Monkeys is a great fit for our global network, a funny, energetic, laugh-out-loud comedy that we are confident our audiences around the world will love,” said Jules Borkent, senior VP of global acquisitions and international programming at Nickelodeon

Rocket Monkeys is created by Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson, with development and production courtesy of Alex Galatis and Mark Evestaff. Ira Levy, Joan Lambur, and Peter Williamson are attached as executive producers. The show will also be airing in Canada via Teletoon.

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