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Online Trailer of Grand Kingdom Now Available

NIS America started a beta for strategy-RPG Grand Kingdom, which lets players to participate in an Online War and take down their rivals strategically. According to its latest trailer, it was a fun and pretty game.

The Online War provides the players the opportunity to immense themselves into the world of Resonail and create decisions in order to influence the result of each war. During every war, the player will be able to support his or her chosen nation in a multitude of ways.

More details about the Online War include the following:
· Get into the battle and destroy the stronghold of the enemy to force control o objective from other nations. You can also guard your own forts during every war operation.
· Cast your vote for the kind of battlefronts or ratifying treaties that set rules of battle.
· Do your research on shields and equipment for the blacksmiths of your nation as well as for labor creating.
· Find out Royal Orders in war operations to influence the tide of battle with the nation’s Guardian Beast or the intensifying the rate of armament support.
· Launch extra squads in order to battle the war effort according to your directions.


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