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Rainbow Brite Joins 2013 Hallmark Ornament Collection

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite may just join your cast of ornaments on the Christmas tree this year. Hallmark released the ornament to celebrate Rainbow’s 30th anniversary.

For those who may not be familiar with this ’80s icon, Rainbow Brite is about a little girl who spreads joy and color throughout the world. The series started as a franchise in 1983, and in 1984, Hallmark saw fit to turn Rainbow Brite into a prime-time special. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, a movie based on the license, came to theaters in 1985, followed by an eight episode series. Some people remember Rainbow Brite fondly, and finding Rainbow Brite merchandise both on and off the Internet is not a herculean task. From shoelaces to stickers, there is something to cater to just about any interest. Sadly, the cartoon series is still not available officially, and the DVD release of the movie is long out of print, going for high prices on various auction sites.

The description of the ornament on Hallmark’s official website is as follows:

It takes a special kind of heroine to protect the world from forces of dullness and murk! Add this timeless super-sweet super hero to your tree for a colorful way to add a splash of colorful courage to any branch.

The ornament retails at $14.95 and is already available for purchase at Hallmark stores. A picture is below.


Megan Scussel

Megan Scussel is a freelance writer who grew up with the likes of Rainbow Brite and She-Ra. She has every line from Ducktales: The Movie memorized. Her go-to sick day movie is Fantasia. She hopes to someday be the shining star of a Dreamworks poster, arms crossed and lips molded into a smirk. You can see more of her writing by going to
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