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Saban Introduces Julius Jr.

Saban Introduces Julius Jr.

Saban Brands has recently announced a new animated preschool show called Julius Jr., with MarVista Entertainment attached as the international TV distributor. Saban and Brain Power Studio are already in production on 26 half hour episodes (or basically 52 x 11 minute episodes) of Julius Jr., which features characters from Saban’s Paul Frank Industries.

Julius Jr. focuses on a monkey with a fondness for inventions, who dreams and schemes in order to make all of his wildest imaginings come true. For example, what may look like a box to us is a playhouse for Julius Jr., one that is big enough for him and his very best friends. Fortunately for Julius, the box is actually magical, wherein everyday items that are put inside can transform and come to life with quirky characteristics and unexpected results.

Saban will be supporting Julius Jr. with a global consumer products campaign, which is currently in development.

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