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SEGA Releases Free 8-Bit Bayonetta Game

As an April Fool’s Day gag, game developer SEGA has released an 8-bit game on Steam that is based on their popular action game franchise, Bayonetta. Dubbed “8-Bit Bayonetta,” the game is an actual playable game that one can install and play through its Steam page.

Don’t expect any sophistication, or even any semblance of long-term gameplay in here – you basically just get control of a sprite-based Bayonetta who can jump and shoot enemies. There’s no forward or backward movement at all. Still, it’s enjoyable enough that people can actually compete through high scores and there are achievements, for “cheevs” hunters out there. Not bad for something that is clearly meant as a throwaway April Fool’s Joke.

What’s curious, though, is that the special website created for the game reveals a countdown to April 11 at 8 AM PT, which is way past the 1st of April to still be considered as an April Fool’s gag. Speculations among fans is that the 8 bit bayonetta is a stealth teaser for an upcoming Bayonetta-related project, with many hoping that it’s a Steam port of the first game.

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