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Sega SHOCKS You With New Hokuto ga Gotoku Gameplay Footage

Despite not actually having any recent remakes or remastered releases, the 80s anime/manga franchise Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) continues to be popular among its target audience (which basically consists of people who love cheesy, over the top martial arts stories) and has since made a successful transition to video games, no doubt because a stoic muscular guy who can beat up a tank is excellent material for a video game.

Case in point, Sega has recently unveiled new footage showing off Hokuto ga Gotoku, which is notable not just because it’s Fist of the effin North Star, but also because it’s developed by the dev team responsible for the niche, but fan favorite Yakuza game. The footage comes included with a new live stream presentation, and you can watch it at the 21-minute mark:

Does that look good to you? You don’t have to wait too long because Hokuto ga Gotoku will be coming out for the PS4 on March 8.

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