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Square Enix readies Superspeed Transforming Gyrozetter to take form next year

Japanese video game giant Square Enix has announced Speed Transformer Gyrozetter, a new multi-media project spanning arcade & video games, manga series, a television anime, toys, a TCG, and more! The franchise is set to launch this month with the debut of Gyrozetter in Saikyo JUMP, Shueshia’s kid-oriented Shonen JUMP manga anthology in Japan. The franchise will then continue onwards in 2012 with an arcade game, a television anime series produced by A-1 Pictures launching next summer, and lastly, a Nintendo 3DS game.

As the name implies, Gyrozetter is about a series of transforming robots. The franchise has support from top Japanese auto manufacturers such as Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mitsuoka, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota. The arcade game features a first for the industry, as its cabinet can transform to replicate the controls of a vehicle, or those of a robot!

Speed Transformer Gyrozetter launches in the first monthly issue of Saikyo JUMP with a manga series by Teruaki Mizuno of the Metallica Metalluca and Dinobout series. As of this writing not much is known about the plot of the series. A preview video for the games, anime, and more will be on display at Square Enix’s booth during JUMP Festa in Japan this month. Here’s the official site for the project.

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