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Two Trailers That Should Not Be Missed: Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms/The Last Fiction

Years  ago, I mentioned that the North American animation business wouldn’t always be on the forefront of animation across the world. That there will be other voices trying to get a shot at the global industry and marketplace.

While Latin America hasn’t truly panned out (there is one movie from Argentina dealing with Foosball, that is still looking for some distribution in the states) there are two very interesting films – both in 2d, that you should keep an eye on.

The first movie was mentioned by Cartoon Brew back in 2010, and now a trailer has arrived – its called the Last Fiction and its done by Iranian based Hoorhsaksh studios:

Adapted from the Shahnameh, the thousand-year-old epic Persian poem written by Ferdowsi, The Last Fiction tells the story of Kaveh, a blacksmith, who leads a revolt to destroy the devil that has appeared in a prince’s soul.

No release date has been set for the film and the filmmakers appear to still be seeking international co-production partners. There are indications, however, that there’s some type of co-production arrangement with France because it has been announced that the film will be dubbed into French, and French-Iranian composer Christophe Rezai has come on board to score the film.

The second Trailer deals with film that China is working on, but first a little history.

Both Japan and China had animated films back in the 1950’s. It seemed to many people that it was going to be China, not Japan who was going to be forefront of eastern animation. However, history tends to do things we cannot expect. The 1954 “Peoples Revolution” put a end to China’s chances.

So, its interesting with all of the investment going in to the country in the last 30 some years from all sectors, that a trailer has come out for a movie called Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms. The film is not yet done, and is to be released by 2016, but this is a great first effort in my eyes.

Does this mean that art can survive in “politically” incompatible structures?  Or does one still need a sense of personal autonomy in order to produce work such as these?

The Two Trailers are Below:

The Last Fiction

Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms

From Cartoon Brew

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