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WATCH: Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own Trailer

Last Saturday, Hasbro Studios debuted Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own on Discovery Family, marking the return of the cute little animals and their magical utopia of Paw-Tucket to the small screens. If you missed that debut, the newest trailer should at least remind you of what you are missing:

Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own is set in Paw-Tucket, which is a special place meant exclusively for pets, serving as a sanctuary for critters and animals alike. The place accessible from the human world through a magic portal. The series revolves around six animal pals: the Boston Terrier named Roxie, a Bombay cat named Jade, a tough spirited hamster named Trip, the nervous pygmy goat named Quincy, the overdramatic parakeet named Edie, and the cheerful box turtle, Bev.

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