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WATCH: New Trailer for Nick’s Bunsen is a Beast

This coming Tuesday, February 21 at 5:30 PM ET/PT, Nickelodeon will be premiering a brand spanking new original animated series titled Bunsen is a Beast. This new series is executive produced by The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom’s Butch Hartman, and is one of the first few projects to be produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank’s new 200k+ sqft complex.

Bunsen is a Beast focuses on two friends named Bunsen and Mikey, who are always on the look out for fun and adventure in their town of Muckledunk. Bunsen is the first ever beast to attend a human middle school, and is thus under pressure to succeed and prove to the world that monsters can live peacefully among humans. Thankfully, Mikey is around to help Bunsen learn how to do human tasks such as homework, commuting by bus, and eating ice cream. In return, Mikey gets to navigate the Beast World, where he meets all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

You can watch the announcement spot for Bunsean is a Beast below:

After the premiere, new episodes of Bunsen is a Beast will air regularly during Saturdays at 10:30 AM.

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