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Watch Out for the ‘Dragons’ Expansion by JumpStart

JumpStart is a learning-based gaming company which made the popular multiplayer online game School of Dragons title. It recently announced the second expansion pack of the game, launching ‘Battle for the Edge’ ahead of the debut of Dragons: Race to the Edge season 2 on Netflix on January 8.

This new content follows the ‘Call of the Death Song’ expansion and was created with the help of the response from the online community of the ‘School of Dragons’.

The players of the ‘School of Dragons: Battle for the Edge’ encounter Harald, an apparently friendly pirate who helps in the triumph of the Vikings over the Dragon Hunters which attacked the Dragon’s Edge island. After the battle, the goal of the players is to restore and reinforce their base, study defense tactics and guard their base against Dragon Hunters. The great news about this expansion pack is that the players now have the opportunity to customize their Viking hideouts where they can raise and train dragons, and even purchase decorations and items.

The expansion pack contains 22 new quests which are spread over 9 new unexplored lands – Dark Deep, Dragon’s Edge, Scuttleclaw Island, Armorwing Island, Hobblegrunt Island, Mudraker Island, Glacier Island, Dragon Hunter’s Outpost and Zippleback Island. Scientific landscapes are also presented such as environment adaptation, effect of invasive species and the influence of motion and forces on the direction and speed of objects.

‘Battle for the Edge’ is free with all membership packages of ‘School of Dragons’ and available for $9.99 and for non-members, it’s available for 10,000 Gems. It can be downloaded on Google Play, iTunes, Windows, Steam, Amazon and at




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