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Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event in US Theaters Soon

Eleven Arts, Fathom Events and LEVEL-5 are collaborating to present the Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event in theaters on October 15, Saturday at 11 a.m. (local time). The film screening will celebrate Yo-Kai Watch feature’s 1st English-dubbed theatrical presentation.

Early birds will have the chance to get an exclusive Yo-Motion Yo-Kai Watch Hovernyan Medal that can be used with the new Yo-Motion Yo-Kai Watch. They can also unlock special bonuses and features in the Nintendo 3DS games and unlock special content in LEVEL-5’s Yo-Kai Watch Land and Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble apps. Yo-Kai Watch Day activities have also been planned for GameStop stores.

The film features voice talents of the hit Disney XD show and follows Nate Adams and his Yo-Kai friends Jibanyan and Whisper as they are transported to the past in order to help Nathaniel, Nate’s grandfather in fighting evil Yo-kai and invent the Yo-kai watch. Yo-Kai Watch is created and developed by LEVEL-5. It is an anime series and a fantasy role-playing game that represents a world where Yo-Kai co-exist with human beings and affect their everyday lives.


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