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Fifth Generation Pokemon revealed, new Pokemon Zorua and Zoroark announced

Fifth Generation Pokemon revealed, new Pokemon announced

Just a few days ago, we caught word that fifth generation Pokemon were to be revealed in the upcoming days. The Gen-5 Pokemon was seen only in a teaser photo that hid its true identity in a silhouette. Now, as detail hunters scoured the Internet, we are able to reveal some early images of the Pokemon. No more waiting fo Pokemon Sunday later in the month, we’re getting the look at this pocket monster immediately! Say hello to Zorua and the larger evolution, Zoroark. These are two Dark type Pokemon that will appear in the 5th Generation of Pokemon role playing games. What do you think? Does he look like you thought he would?

new Pokemon Zorua and Zoroark

Dark type Pokemon Zoroark

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  1. Austin parker Austin parker

    will you put more pokemon in the game that have 1000hp for a starter pokemon? Will you make the strongest pokemon have 90000hp?

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