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New Fifth Generation Pokemon GEN-5 to be revealed

New Fifth Generation Pokemon GEN-5 to be revealed

We’ve had some exciting Pokemon news lately; not the least of which involves the upcoming HeartGold and SoulSilver games. But the teaser image above is possibly the biggest event of the bunch, as it indicates an entirely new breed of Pokemon is on it’s way; the fifth generation Pokemon. The new series of critters, known as GEN 5, is still a mystery, but the details will begin to flow on the February 21st episode of Pokemon Sunday. We have our guesses as to what it is; what are yours??

So, OK. It walks on two feet, has claws, a snout, and spikey hair (fire?) along its arms and mane. Definitely appears strong, or at least aggressive. Actually, oddly enough, we think it looks kinda like Sonic the Werehog from the Sonic Unleashed video games! There’s still a few weeks until we know for sure, but what do you think it could be like?

Fifth Generation Pokemon
[image source: Siliconera]

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