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Pokemon Dream Radar and Pokedex 3D Pro Get English Promos

Pokemon Dream Radar and Pokedex 3D Pro Get English Promos

This fall, the 3DS eShop will be graced with two new additions to the Pokemon franchise: the Pokemon Dream Radar and Pokedex 3D Pro will be launched and ready for download to your devices. As a way of promoting the launch, Nintendo has released a trailer for each one during this weekend’s PAX Prime:

Pokemon Dream Radar uses the 3DS’s camera for an augmented reality game that lets players catch Pokemon in their own surroundings. The caught pokemon can then be transferred to Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2. Pokémon Dream Radar hits the eShop on the same day as Black/White 2: October 7 in North America and October 12 in Europe.

Pokedex 3D Pro is basically a pokedex on your 3DS, which is updated in order to keep track of new pokemon types that were introduced in the most recent games and movies. Pokedex 3D Pro will hit the eShop on November 8

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