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New Pokemon B & W Intro Movie

New Pokemon Movie Trailer

A fresh new Pokemon movie is on the way, and the trailer is really hot! The animation for this new movie seems cleaner, crisper and more polished compared to the other Pokemon movies. Based on the intro movie, it looks like it will be based on the game, since N and the main character from Black and White 2 is in it.

Enjoy the trailer guys!

As you can see, the intro movie is actually on the lengthy side, that it can even be considered as a standalone short based on the hit videogame franchise. That is, if you can understand Japanese. We’ll update this post if we find a trailer with subs!


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  1. Bussani Bussani

    This is actually just a special “introduction movie” for the two new games, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, which are due to hit Japan in June. It’s a pretty cool little short nonetheless, showing us scenes from the games in wonderfully animated goodness.

  2. Evan Evan

    Whoa! Elesa’s hair is black now! She’s looking hot.

  3. pikachu pikachu

    I love pokemon

  4. pikachu pikachu

    1234 I love pikachu

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