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Pokemon Reaches 300 Million Global Lifetime Sales

It’s not a secret that the long-running monster husbandry franchise Pokemon is very popular – after all, any multiplatform cartoon, toy, and game franchise that has had multiple iterations over the span of more than 20 years has to be, otherwise its parent company is just wasting money. And Nintendo is definitely known for being particularly strict about where they spend their money on (hence the choice to deprioritize hardware power when it comes to their consoles – whether that’s good or band is subject for another discussion, though.)

What is kind of surprising is just how popular the Pokemon franchise is – the Pokemon Company has recently announced that the series has already reached the 300 million sales milestone. And this is not a case of a company trying to stretch definitions and include all manner of sales. According to the report by Famitsu, the 300 million sales figure only accounts for physical sales, which means digital sales and re-releases, as well as Pokemon GO don’t count.

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