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Smurfs 3 Gets Writers

Smurfs 3 Gets Writers
It’s only been a few weeks since details about The Smurfs 2, which is scheduled for release on the 31st of July, 2013) were made public, yet Sony has already announced additional info about the next iteration of the Smurfs movie franchise. Namely, the sequel writers Karey KirkPatrick and Chris Poche being asked to return as writers for Smurfs 3.

Kirkpatrick has a long list of films to her name, including animated notables such as The Rescuers Down Under, Chicken Run, Over the Hedge, Charlotte’s Web, and James and the Giant Peach. Poche’s past works include Over The Hedge and Flakes.

The Smurf’s director, Raja Gosnell, will return to the director’s seat for the sequel, which includes returning stars Sofia Vergara, Jonathan Winters, Fred Armisen, Alan Cumming, George Lopez, Anton Yelchin, and John Oliver. The new cast members include JB Smoove as the Naughty Smuf, Hackus, and Christina Ricci as the evil version of Smurfette, Vexy.

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