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The Smurfs Holiday Celebration comes a little early for Christmas

‘The Smurfs Holiday Celebration‘ Comes Out a Little Early for Christmas

It’s already November, and we all know that it’s the perfect time for Home Video companies to release their Holiday specials and compilations, because which person in his right mind would buy these things at the last minute? Warner Home Video is one of the companies that expect you to buy your Christmas special marathon fodder a couple of months early, which is why they have released The Smurf’s Holiday Celebration, containing two Smurf Holiday Specials.

The first special in the DVD will take you back to 1982, when The Smurfs’ Christmas Special first aired. It tells the story of the blue dwarves as they try to prepare for their Christmas celebration. This is interspersed with the story of a man and his two nephews who were left orphaned after the uncle met an untimely demise at the hands of a stranger. The mysterious stranger then offers regular Smurf baddie Gargamel a means to get rid of the Smurfs once and for all, on the condition that the wizard must retrieve the kids and turn them in to the mysterious stranger. There’s a lot of plot elements and singing involved, but you’ll get the story when you watch it.

The second special is Tis the Season to be Smurfy, from 1987, which is about a poverty-stricken, elderly toymaker and his ailing wife, and a cutpurse. Caught in the middle are Sassette and Grandpa Smurf, who are both trying to learn human Christmas traditions.

The DVD is well made, even if the specials only come with mono soundtrack (this is a plus if you’re a purist). Neither of the two looks remastered, but they look well-preserved enough that you won’t consider yourself ripped off. If you’re an adult looking for a DVD to buy for Christmas, the Smurfs’ Holiday Celebration is an effective way to show your little children what makes a good animated show, or even just as a means to remind yourself of the simple things that made TV watching such as special part of your childhood.

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