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The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation – Great Reading for Any Fan


When I was a little girl, I dreamed of working on a Peanuts special. I didn’t know how to get a job with the magical studio that made these specials – I assumed you had to look in the newspaper for a secret, hidden ad or ask your mom to call somebody in Hollywood and tell them you’d be the perfect Sally. I’m well beyond the appropriate age now, but I still think about it now and then. It sure would’ve been nice.

For those Peanuts fans who lived their pipe dreams through holiday reruns and stuffed Snoopy dolls, The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation: Celebrating Fifty Years of Television Specials is a great way to learn about the people behind the movies and specials. Don’t know the name behind the first voice of Charlie Brown? You will now. Want to know how difficult it is to draw Linus or Lucy? This book may give you the answer you seek.

I get the feeling that the people who worked on Peanuts specials enjoyed their work. They didn’t think of it as another job to add to their resume; they actually had fun. You learn a heck of a lot about the technical aspects of the creative process, and you gain a new respect for the people who had to deal with (now) archaic means of communication. It’s a wonder how anybody got anything done with the risks at hand.

If you love production cels, this book has them in spades. If you collect them, you may drool at the cels you know would go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars on any given day. The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation: Celebrating Fifty Years of Television Specials doesn’t fall short on art, that’s for sure.

The book retails for $45 with 192 pages in total.

Megan Scussel

Megan Scussel is a freelance writer who grew up with the likes of Rainbow Brite and She-Ra. She has every line from Ducktales: The Movie memorized. Her go-to sick day movie is Fantasia. She hopes to someday be the shining star of a Dreamworks poster, arms crossed and lips molded into a smirk. You can see more of her writing by going to
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