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Studio Meddling Responsible for Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Narrative Problems?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 did well in the box office, and we personally enjoyed watching the film. However, it can’t be denied that it has received a lot of criticism due to its rather disjointed narrative, which many consider as being responsible for destroying the flow of the story. During an interview with The Daily Beast, star Andrew Garfield sort of acknowledged and addressed the criticisms, and has pointed to parts of the original script being changed by way too many people:

The Amazing Spider-Man sequel set for theaters May 2, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man sequel set for theaters May 2, 2014

Even though we’re still a full year away from the SpiderMan relaunch, which officially begins with The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3rd 2012, Sony is already hard at work on the film’s sequel! The rebooting franchise will have a second movie in theaters just about 20 months later, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 spins a web on May 2nd, 2014. James Vanderbilt will craft the sequel, just as he has the first movie, and Andrew Garfield will swing along, as well. Other than that, not much more is known about the sequel at this time – which seems about right, because there’s not that much information on the first film yet!

The Amazing Spider-Man new Comic Con 2011 teaser trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man new Comic-Con 2011 teaser trailer

Comic-Con is always a big event, but 2011 brought out some big …webs! With Marvel digging deep into a cinematic explosion for this past weekend’s Captain America and next summer’s The Avengers, they’re also heading back to their roots to their original super hero blockbuster; SpiderMan. The new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, will hit theaters July 3rd, 2012, just a little more than ten years since Tobey Maguire was spinning webs across NYC as Peter Parker. Now Andrew Garfield takes control of the Disney icon, bringing comic book fans a whole new take on the classic hero. And thanks to Comic-Con 2011, we get a special sneak peek at the film, and new Spidey costume, in action with this brand new teaser trailer!

Marvel picks a new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield thwips for Disney and Columbia

Marvel picks a new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield thwips for Disney and Columbia

Spider-Man has found a new face to wear beneath the mask! Andrew Garfield has been cast as the new Peter Parker and Spidey in the next installment of the Marvel super franchise. Along with Disney and Columbia Pictures, Marvel welcomes in the twenty-six year old, who replaces the former title-holder, Tobey Maguire. It’s been 5 months since Tobey got the boot (the web?) with reportedly just 2 years until “A.G.” makes his debut in theaters, with the latest Spider-Man film to launch July 3rd, 2012 – in Spidey-Sense 3D, of course. Filming begins later this year, written by James Vanderbilt and directed by the appropriately named Marc Webb.

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