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Atomic Cartoons Signs a New Expansion Deal With Yeti Farm

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Atomic Cartoons has recently announced a new joint venture agreement that they have signed with Kelowna-based studio Yeti Farm Creative. The deal will last for three years and is estimated to be worth up to three million dollars in production value. The deal will allow Atomic Cartoons to expand their TV animation production capabilities into Kelowna, British Columbia.

Yeti Farm will help in the production of two Atomic Cartoons properties, such as the award-winning animated comedy series Rocket Monkeys, which is currently flying high on Teletoon in Canada and the US via Nickelodeon. Yeti Farm will also help in the production of Pirate Express, starting in February. The show will be targeted towards kids aged 7 to 11 and is scheduled for broadcast on Canada’s Teletoon in 2014, followed by Nine Network in Australia in 2015.

Atomic Cartoons and Sticky Pictures to Co-Pro Pirate Express


Australia’s Sticky Pictures and Canada’s Atomic Cartoons have recently joined forces in order to produce 26 half hour episodes of Atomic Cartoons’ original 2D animated comedy series, Pirate Express. The series is targeted towards kids aged 7 to 11, and is scheduled to premiere on Canada’s Teletoon in the fall of 2014, followed by an Australian debut via Nine Network in 2015.

Nickelodeon Gets Breakthrough/Atomic’s Rocket Monkeys


Breakthrough Entertainment and Atomic Cartoons’ Rocket Monkeys will be heading to Nickelodeon worldwide this spring. The 26 x 26 animated show focuses on two astronaut monkey siblings Gus and Wally, who had the unfortunate responsibility to represent earth as they go on hilarious intergalactic adventures throughout the cosmos. While Wally and Gus are well meaning, and clearly more intelligent than your average simian, piloting a rocket ship and exploring the vast reaches of space isn’t exactly the kind of thing you go into blindly, so expect a lot of hilarity to ensue.

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