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Green Lantern gets a voice

Green Lantern gets a voice

Actor Christopher Meloni has agreed to lend his voice to Hal Jordan, the star character of Warner Bros. upcoming super hero DVD, Green Lantern: First Flight. The full-length animated film will be available as a special edition 2-disc version on DVD and Blu-Ray HD, as well as a single disc DVD. Additionally, Victor Garber will voice the evil Sinestro, Tricia Helfer will become Boodikka, and Michael Madsen will star as Kilowog.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVD

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVDSnow White will be returning as top Disney princess later this year, as Disney re-releases Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVD!  Disney has unveiled a number of new Snow White toys at this year’s Toy Fair that have confirmed the movie will be re-released.  The schedule so far has the movie hitting Blu-ray hi-def and DVD later this fall, along with a number of new toys and accessories from Disney.

Bolt …bolts to DVD!

Bolt DVDBolt is already set to hit your home theater in DVD form! Disney Studios Home Entertainment will be releasing the Bolt Blu-ray on Sunday, March 22nd, and the DVD two days later, on Tuesday, March 24th. Some of the bonus content includes: an exclusive short titled Super Rhino, a music video, behind the scenes song recording with John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, and deleted scenes.

Igor on DVD

Igor on DVD

MGM Home Entertainment will bring the beloved CG-animated movie Igor to DVD and Blu-ray on January 20th, 2009.  The discs will include a bit of extra material, including some deleted scenes, bloopers and a “Be An Igor” featurette. The Blu-ray will also include an alternate opening scene.

Tinker Bell – first in a DVD, now in wax!

Tinker Bell was immortalized in wax

The world’s most famous pixie wasn’t finished when she got her own movie.  Now TInker Bell will live on forever at the world famous Madame Tussauds museum in London!  She is the smallest wax figure in the history of the waxworks, just over 5 inches tall, but Tink is easily one of the most famous and recognizable!  Not bad for Peter Pan’s sidekick!

Watch the first 6 minutes of Tinker Bell online!

Tinker Bell

With the DVD now available in stores, Disney is making the first six minutes of the new Tinker Bell movie  available to website viewers at  You can watch the video on Disney’s new full-screen video player that they’re promoting heavily online.  Then, head on over to where you can make your very own fairy to hang out with Tinker Bell!  And, of course, come back to ToonBarn to tell us what you thought 🙂

[Source: Disney]

More details on the Tinker Bell movie

The Tinker Bell DVD movie comes out tomorrow, October 28th, and Disney is releasing a few more details to get everyone hyped up for it!  In addition to the commentary below, check out the scene above, and another clip after the break!

Long before Peter Pan and the Lost Boys soared into Never Land, the world’s most beloved fairy and her friends were creating their own special magic. For the very first time in film, Tinker Bell opens the doors to Pixie Hollow, a secret hideaway deep in the heart of Never Land, where the Disney Fairies make their home. Introducing extraordinary new characters, Tinker Bell is enhanced by an impressive voice cast widely acclaimed for performances on stage and screen.

Each fairy is born with a special talent, whether it’s making flowers grow, giving fireflies their light or tracing beautiful patterns into a winter morning’s frost. Tinker Bell thinks her fairy talent as a “tinker” isn’t as special or important, because tinkers don’t go to the mainland like the other fairies. But when Tink tries to change who she is, she creates nothing but disaster! With encouragement from her friends Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and Silvermist, Tink learns that the key to solving her problems is found in her unique abilities … and discovers that when you stay true to yourself, magical things can happen.

Tinker Bell gets her own movie on DVD and Blu-Ray

Tinker Bell

Have you ever wondered how a flower gets its color…or pondered the source of a dew drop … or where rainbows originate? It’s all the work of fairies from the fantastic world of Pixie Hollow.  And now, DisneyToon Studios reveals the story of the most famous of all fairies, Tinker Bell.  The beloved fairy from Peter Pan will be bringing all the Pixie Dust she needs to DVD and Blu-Ray on October 28th for Tink’s CGI animated movie adventure.  The film promises to reveal Tinker Bell’s origins, and the magical role of fairies in nature.

Check out the trailer after the break!

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