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From your TV to your hands! Ultimate Spider-man comic and release date!

Fans of Spider-man are gonna be crazy about it, including me! The new cover of Spidey’s new “Ultimate Spider-man!” comic book has been posted on Man of Action’s blog. It’s going on sale this April! Oh! That remids me about another news bit about the Web-Head! “Ultimate Spider-man” will launch (NO FOOLIN) on April 1st!

See the cover after the cut:

Marvel Comics gets new Spider-Man to replace Peter Parker

Marvel Comics gets new Spider-Man to replace Peter Parker

Geez, it’s just not an easy time to be Spider-Man. First, Broadway announces the (temporary?) closing of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Now, Marvel seems to have had their fill of Peter Parker as the lead character all together! Starting with Ultimate Spider-Man issue 160, someone new will be wearing the Spider-Man costume. In fact, someone new will be wearing something new, as the whole Spidey suit gets an update. The sleek black and red design was just recently revealed, ready to put into practice this summer after issue 159’s “Death of Spider-Man” storyline. Yeesh! So who is the new wall crawler, web-slinger, man behind the mask? It’s a mystery, so far. As is the future of the classic Spidey, Peter Parker.

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