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Fanmade Trailer for The Legend of Korra – Book Three

While Legend of Korra co-creator Michael Dante Dimartino has recently revealed that they have already finished an entire season’s worth of shows for book 3 (via his personal Tumblr), we don’t have an official trailer yet. Enter: Legend of Korra fan Bigby Wolf, who has cobbled together an unofficial trailer for the upcoming season using various footage and images that have already been posted ...


Fanimation: Batman vs. Terminator

Batman has already seen his fair share of inter-franchise crossovers. He’s either teamed-up or faced a Predator, an Alien, and even Judge Dredd. He’s even had run-ins with Dracula. I didn’t exactly do any research, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Robocop/Batman team-up in there somewhere. The point is Batman gets around. And even though it’s unofficial, animator Mitchell ...

Fanimation: For Your Consideration: Oscar Outtakes

Fanimation: For Your Consideration: Oscar Outtakes

Oscar time is over, but we still have time for one last laugh. Jace Diehl is a 14 year old filmmaker who makes animated videos on YouTube. Some of his other videos include Doodle VS. Doodle and Nickelodeon Comic Con 2011 (ft. Butch Hartman). In this video Jace parodies some of the nominees nominated for Best Picture. They include The Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, and much more. Included in ...

The Dark Knight Hungers

The Dark Knight Hungers

Through his decades of super heroism, Batman has taken on many challenges; The Joker, Catwoman, Bane, Penguin, Ra’s al Ghul, Two-Face and Poison Ivy, to name a few. Whether he’s trying to save Gotham City, or the world as a whole, the Dark Knight presses on against every task, tirelessly… but not necessarily hungerlessly. I mean, seriously, when does Batman eat? This is the ...

Danger Mouse Movie Poster concept art

Danger Mouse movie poster fanimation

Hold your horses, there is no Danger Mouse movie (yet?). The poster below is fan-created art by DeviantARTist Daz Tibbles. It’s just concept art, no matter how professional and convincing it looks. Let’s just hope Danger Mouse’s producers over at Cosgrove Hall films would see how awesome a DM movie would look and get the ball rolling. ...


Toons These Days: Adventure Time

Doggy, the crotchety old toon returns and has a few things to say about Adventure Time!   Even though he’s enjoying time off at a ski resort, Doggy always has time to complain about the toons of today, and Adventure Time is his next target! ...


Tortoise Tiberius in “Gopher Broke” fanimation

From the creators of Conroy Cat comes Tortoise Tiberius, the world’s smartest turtle, who can build any contraption from his shell instantly! With his large assortment of gadgetry, Tiberius does what he can to help and protect the other animals in the forest, from humans and predators alike, like in this cartoon, where he helps out a family of gophers: ...

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

You’d think Wild Berry Princess would be able to defend herself against this teeny, tiny, innocent and adorable little kitten. And, technically, I guess she really would be able to handle that challenge with no problem. However, in this Monday’s episode of Adventure Time, we learn that Me-Mow isn’t just a sweet kitty cat, but a tiny feline assassin, capable of maiming attacks ...

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