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Toon Hero App Launches Social Network BETA

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 20, 2014 – Today, Trigger Happy, the creators of the animated storytelling app Toon Hero, launched their own social network, Users will be able to publish their creations faster and directly on the social network using HTML5 technology with the newly released version 1.4 of the app. A user profile is created, which showcase each of the individual’s creations, and users can gain followers, like and comment on other stories, as well as share them further via Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Twitter.

Toon Hero

“The launch of the site allows us to further expand on our goal, which is to allow aspiring storytellers, filmmakers, voice over talents and animators, to be discovered for their talents,” says CEO of Trigger Happy, Shona Grundy. “We want our users to share their creations with a community of like minded individuals in a way that is easy, social and fun for them,” she adds.

Moving Image Museum Planning a Jim Henson Gallery


The Museum of the Moving Image and The Jim Henson Legacy have recently announced that the family of Jim Henson has donated almost 400 puppets, costumes, and props to the museum, which will be used in order to build a new gallery devoted to Henson’s long storied career and his contributions to the industry.

The project had a fundraising goal of $5 million, and is anchored by $2.75 million in funding from the City of New York for the construction of the new gallery, which is expected to open to the public in winter 2014–2015.

Jim Henson’s ImaginOcean Looking for Partners


The Jim Henson Company is currently seeking partners for their new children’s animated series, ImaginOcean, which is based on the acclaimed Off-Broadway musical John Tartaglia’s ImaginOcean. The 52×11 musical cartoon will blend the real time puppeteering techniques that the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio became famous for with state of the art CG animation.

Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story Small Fry joins Jim Henson’s The Muppets

Disney and Pixar's Toy Story Small Fry joins Jim Henson's The Muppets

On November 23rd, the Muppets will finally make their return to the big screen, ready to impress the legions of old fans and a world of new ones. The Disney mascots wont be traveling alone, however, as the film will be joined by a brand new Toy Story short, entitled Small Fry. When Cars 2 hit theaters a few months back, movie goers were also greeted with a short from the Toy Story universe, and the appearance of another has us hoping Pixar really could do a Toy Story 4 someday. But, more importantly, getting proper placement with the Muppets is quite an honor. The recent D23 Expo 2011 not only made special mention of this pairing, but also offered a beautiful tribute to Jim Henson, as Rowlf and Kermit paired to sing the famed Rainbow Connection. Check out the video.

Dinosaur Train travels to Dinosaur Big City, from Jim Henson Company

Dinosaur Train travels to Dinosaur Big City, from Jim Henson Company

On August 22nd, catch a train to Dinosaur Big City – a Dinosaur Train! The Jim Henson Company series is ready to debut a one-hour made-for-TV movie based on the Dinosaur Train series, giving all your favorite CG dinos some extra room to roar! The special hits PBS Kids, also helping to usher in Dinosaur Train season two. Other stops along the way during the year are Big Dinosaur Week, and Dinosaurs A to Z, with the Dinosaur Big City movie working to DVD shortly after, courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment.

Muppets: The Green Album from Walt Disney Records

Muppets: The Green Album from Walt Disney Records

In this latest Muppets revival boom, as we inch our way closer to November’s new Muppets movie, we simply can’t get enough of the whole world folks like Jim Henson created. Apparently, we’re not alone, as many of the music industry’s biggest stars have gotten together to release a brand new record, Muppets: The Green Album. Hitting stores on August 23rd, the record will feature 12 classic Muppet songs, revised and recrafted by current bands and artists, like Weezer, OK Go, The Fray, and more. The film, now appropriately dubbed The Muppets, hits on November 22nd, so this musical experience will have to hold us over until then. Take a look at the full track list!

Sid The Science Kid celebrates Earth Day on PBS Kids

Sid The Science Kid celebrates Earth Day on PBS Kids

On April 18th, PBS Kids will debut the first of four brand new episodes of Sid the Science Kid. Each episode, which will spread out between Apirl 18th and April 21st, will explore a different “Green theme” in honor of the Earth Day holiday. The environmental topics will include: where trash goes, how recycling works, why Sid’s dad wears a mask when he paints, and what happens to water after it goes down the drain. The Jim Henson Company promises the animated series will help boost awareness for the Earth Day holiday, which is celebrated on April 22. So other than watch Sid, what will your Earth Day goals be this year?

The Jim Henson Company’s Dinosaurs in the Snow now on DVD

The Jim Henson Company's Dinosaurs in the Snow now on DVD

As a special winter gift from The Jim Henson Company and PBS Kids, Dinosaur Train is coming home on DVD in a new collection, Dinosaurs in the Snow. The package includes eight episodes of Dinosaur Train, a co-production between Henson’s crew, Paramount Home Entertainment, and Sparky Entertainment. The disc includes the following episodes: Dinosaurs in the Snow, Night Train, Fossil Fred, King Cryolophosaurus, Dinosaur Block Party, Buddy’s Surprise Birthday Party, and Mom’s Day.

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