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KidsClick Lineup Revealed

We’re less than two weeks away from the return of morning cartoons on network TV! We’ve covered the announcement, the shows you can expect to see, the website and some of the local promotions. However, there’s one burning question: what’s the KidsClick lineup going to be like? Well, you’re in luck. We managed to get a hold of the schedule and we’re able to ...


Take a Sneak Peek at the Shows Headed to KidsClick, the New Network TV Morning Cartoon Block

Have you heard the good news? Cartoons are coming back to weekend AND weekday mornings on US network television! KidsClick is a brand new block of programming that you’ll be able to watch on TV and online. We here at Toonbarn are pretty excited for its launch and managed to grab a list of shows you can expect to see: Max Steel Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Pac-Man and the ...


Max Steel Debuts on Disney XD

6 Fremantle Media and Mattel’s animated reboot of Max Steel has just landed on Disney XD in the US yesterday, occupying the 4pm timeslot. The story still revolves around the titular teen hero, Maxwell McGrath and his alien companion, Steel. Maxwell and Steel both have super powers, with the former possessing Turbo energy while the latter has been gifted with superior alien intellect. When ...

Cartoon Network Reboots Max Steel

Cartoon Network Reboots Max Steel

FreeMantle Media and Mattel have recently announced that Cartoon Network will launch a new animated version of Max Steel for their Latin American channel. The new series uses CGI and will be produced by both Mattel and Freemantle, while worldwide distribution of the series (excluding the US) will be handled by FME, along with the home entertainment rights. ...

The Fairly OddParents celebrates 10 years on Nickelodeon

The Fairly OddParents celebrates 10 years on Nickelodeon

For ten years, The Fairly OddParents has been entertaining folks across the Nickelodeon empire. Joining in the ranks of SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer, the adventures of Timmy Turner and his magical fairy godparents have reached their 10th anniversary, moving into a special league of all-time classic toons. Just to put this amazing accomplishment into some better perspective, 10 ...


Max Steel, the movie

A few years ago, the Kids WB and Cartoon Network aired Max Steel, a CG animated series based on an extreme sports athlete that develops super powers. Afterward, he is recruited into a secret organization. Now, Mattel, Joe Roth, and Paramount Pictures are working to revive the character, giving him his own feature film. The hope is to relaunch the name with the movie first, then another ...

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