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Moving Image Museum Planning a Jim Henson Gallery


The Museum of the Moving Image and The Jim Henson Legacy have recently announced that the family of Jim Henson has donated almost 400 puppets, costumes, and props to the museum, which will be used in order to build a new gallery devoted to Henson’s long storied career and his contributions to the industry.

The project had a fundraising goal of $5 million, and is anchored by $2.75 million in funding from the City of New York for the construction of the new gallery, which is expected to open to the public in winter 2014–2015.

Review: The Muppets on DVD and Blu Ray

Review: The Muppets on DVD and Blu Ray

There’s really no sense preaching to the choir. If you grew up with the Muppets, or if you’re a younger fan who went through old episodes using the magic of the internet, I won’t be able to say anything that you don’t already know (or know better), the Muppets are the Muppets in the movie, and you’re going to be happy with the DVD. But what if you’re like me, who was already alive during the Muppets’ heyday and watched an episode or two but wasn’t a fan? Will you enjoy the movie?

The Food Wife sets Marge, Lisa, and Bart as The Three Mouthkateers

The Food Wife sets Marge, Lisa, and Bart as The Three Mouthkateers

491. Four Ninety-One! We’re just about 10 episodes away from the 500th Simpsons episode of all time, and the Fox classic has decided it’s time to start preparing the celebratory food with this Sunday’s episode, the Food Wife. On November 13th at 8pm, Marge, Lisa, and Bart become Foodies as the Simpsons take on the world of Food Network, forming their own review group known as “The Three Mouthkateers.” Oddest about their little group is the exclusion of the family’s star eater: Homer. For many of the 491 episodes, we’ve seen Homer devouring all types of food, from pizza to potato chips in space to sub sandwiches that are several months old. Surely he’d be a great addition to the group, no…?

Sesame Street Tackles the Issue of Bullying

Sesame Street Tackles Bullying Issue

If you’re a kid or a parent who’s currently dealing with issues related to bullying, you may want to keep an eye out for the next few Sesame Street episodes. The Sesame Street episode entitled The Good Birds Club, which airs on PBS stations this Monday, October 17 (check your listings for local schedules), will tackle the issue of bullying amongst kids through a number of cartoons, live action segments, muppet interactions and more. The Good Birds Club follows Big Bird‘s story as he gets harassed and bullied by another bird in the neighborhood.

Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story Small Fry joins Jim Henson’s The Muppets

Disney and Pixar's Toy Story Small Fry joins Jim Henson's The Muppets

On November 23rd, the Muppets will finally make their return to the big screen, ready to impress the legions of old fans and a world of new ones. The Disney mascots wont be traveling alone, however, as the film will be joined by a brand new Toy Story short, entitled Small Fry. When Cars 2 hit theaters a few months back, movie goers were also greeted with a short from the Toy Story universe, and the appearance of another has us hoping Pixar really could do a Toy Story 4 someday. But, more importantly, getting proper placement with the Muppets is quite an honor. The recent D23 Expo 2011 not only made special mention of this pairing, but also offered a beautiful tribute to Jim Henson, as Rowlf and Kermit paired to sing the famed Rainbow Connection. Check out the video.

Avengers, Brave, Muppets, and Monsters University at Disney’s D23 Expo

Avengers, Brave, Muppets, and Monsters University at Disney's D23 Expo

Comic-Con, E3, WizardWorld and more are all part of the convention boom that has taken over in the past decade or so. Hoping to join in the take over, Disney is ready to unleash a whole new world of exclusives and teaser information at their own upcoming convention, D23 Expo. Fans will get a special look inside Disney projects, Pixar Movies, and the comic book world of Marvel, with all-star appearances from the folks behind the Muppets, The Avengers, Pixar’s Brave, and so much more. The whole adventure begins on August 19th, an we’d need a full press release to get all the details out there … so thankfully, that’s exactly what we have! Read on.

Muppets: The Green Album from Walt Disney Records

Muppets: The Green Album from Walt Disney Records

In this latest Muppets revival boom, as we inch our way closer to November’s new Muppets movie, we simply can’t get enough of the whole world folks like Jim Henson created. Apparently, we’re not alone, as many of the music industry’s biggest stars have gotten together to release a brand new record, Muppets: The Green Album. Hitting stores on August 23rd, the record will feature 12 classic Muppet songs, revised and recrafted by current bands and artists, like Weezer, OK Go, The Fray, and more. The film, now appropriately dubbed The Muppets, hits on November 22nd, so this musical experience will have to hold us over until then. Take a look at the full track list!

Green With Envy starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel, and no one else

Green With Envy starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel

Every once in a while, we here at ToonBarn like to step back from the world of animation in it’s many forms (traditional, CG, puppet, stop-motion) and concentrate on other forms of media, like the magic of the Hollywood love story. As luck would have it, we recently caught word of Green With Envy, a Disney film featuring Amy Adams and Jason Segel. Their characters are simple small town folk, off to discover their dreams in a life together, even though it may cost them the one thing that matters most — each other. Awesome, right? Perfect for a site like ToonBarn! Check out the trailer after the break, and let us know if you agree

The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made in theaters November 23rd

The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made in theaters November 23rd

Anxious for Disney to return The Muppets to the big screen? Well, apparently, so is Disney! The House of Mouse has bumped up the upcoming Muppet film a full month, from December 25th to it’s new date, November 23rd. Though Christmas day films have a history of some solid success, those of us (all of us!) so incredibly excited to see the Jim Henson characters have a lot of thanks to give for the Thanksgiving weekend special. Tentatively dubbed The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made (or even The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time) the Muppet Movie focuses on Kermit the Frog and the new co-star Walter as they put on a show to save their old theater. Hopefully, the new creative team (Jason Segel, James Bobin, Nick Stoller, and Bret McKenzie) wont offer any trouble to Miss Piggy. We’ll find out November 23, 2011!

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