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KidsClick’s fall lineup includes Hot Wheels, Winx Club, Zak Storm

Ever since its July 1st launch, we here at ToonBarn have been covering KidsClick, the new morning broadcast TV cartoon block running everyday of the week. It’s operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group and runs nationally on ThisTV stations, as well as on select local channels owned by the operator. Sinclair promised to refresh the KidsClick content library and they shared with us what’s ...


KidsClick Lineup Revealed

We’re less than two weeks away from the return of morning cartoons on network TV! We’ve covered the announcement, the shows you can expect to see, the website and some of the local promotions. However, there’s one burning question: what’s the KidsClick lineup going to be like? Well, you’re in luck. We managed to get a hold of the schedule and we’re able to ...


Take a Sneak Peek at the Shows Headed to KidsClick, the New Network TV Morning Cartoon Block

Have you heard the good news? Cartoons are coming back to weekend AND weekday mornings on US network television! KidsClick is a brand new block of programming that you’ll be able to watch on TV and online. We here at Toonbarn are pretty excited for its launch and managed to grab a list of shows you can expect to see: Max Steel Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Pac-Man and the ...

Pink Panther and Pals takes over Cartoon Network's Boomerang

Pink Panther and Pals takes over Cartoon Network’s Boomerang

It was just a few months ago that ToonBarn got the jump, announcing the debut of Pink Panther and Pals. Now, Cartoon Network is bringing the slyly cool, fuschia-hued cat to the world in this latest cartoon incarnation. The series stars a teenaged Pink Panther in an all new set of adventures across the Boomerang channel. But he doesn’t come alone; Ant & the Aardvark and bully Big ...

Pink Panther and Pals this Sunday

Pink Panther and Pals this Sunday

This Sunday, March 7th, Cartoon Network will be debuting yet another new animated series, Pink Panther and Pals, at 7:30 am. It’s been quite a run for the CN, with all these new shows, but we couldn’t be happier! Rubicon Studios and MGM are behind this one, bringing us the first new Pink Panther toon in over 15 years. The show will star the teenaged pink-hued panther and his ...

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