Peter Pan

The New Adventures of Peter Pan to Premiere on RAI DUE on Dec 17

This coming December 17, Monday, the highly anticipated animated series The New Adventures of Peter Pan will be making its worldwide debut on RAI DUE, where it will continue to air regularly from Monday to Friday at 7:25 AM, followed by repeat broadcasts during the weekend starting from December 29 at 7:25 am.

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Alphanim scares Matt’s Monsters around the globe

In an effort to properly hunt monsters, Matt Average has created a type of super team, the Monster Agency. The members include Bruce, Matt’s ever-optimistic father; Ellen, Matt’s advertising genius of a mom; Dink, a pet monster only Matt can understand; and Manson, the girl next door who loves adventure. The Monster Agency keeps the […]

Winx Club

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers second season

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers is coming back for a second season – so says the forces beyind the show; Big Bocca Productions and Rainbow Spa. The series, which was created by Winx Club creator Iginio Straffi, currently airs on Jetix and Rai Due in the UK and Italy, as well as the CW network in […]

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School For Vampires now open in Italy

Italy’s Cartoon One is making sure as many people as possible get to see its animated series, School For Vampires.  So far, they’ve signed up with Hahn Film in Germany, NRK in Norway, SVTZ in Sweden, MTV3 in Finland, and RTP in Portugal. …and all this joins the fact that it already airs on RAI […]