Kevin Shinick plays a MAD Supervillain at SDCC 2013

Kevin Shinick’s first job on TV was “Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego?”, in which he played the Host of the PBS Game Show. Since his debut on that show in 1996, Kevin has been a Director, Producer, Emmy and Annie Award-winning writer, Voice Artist, Full-time husband and father, and an Actor in movies, TV, […]

Transformers Voltron

Voltron, Transformers, & Dinobots Prints from Acidfree Gallery: Wizard World Philly Exclusives

Fans of the Giant Robots will have some Limited Edition Exclusives to look forward to this Thursday through Sunday, May 30-June 2, at Wizard World Philly Comic Con. The Acidfree Gallery Booth will be selling some great new releases of Voltron and Transformers, as well as DinoBots, from great artists, like Laurent Durieux and Tom […]


Transformers: Rescue Bots roll out on The Hub

Back in October, The Hub (a collaboration between Discovery and Hasbro) brought an entirely new era to the Transformers franchise with Transformers Prime. The CG look and classic voice actors helped merge the iconic retro feel of the 1980s toon with the modern animated take in the films. Now, The Hub is rolling out a […]

Cartoon Network Spider-Man Thundercats

Teletoon Retro’s classic toons sets subscriber record

With over 8 million fans and counting, Teletoon Retro has become a mighty force! Teletoon Retro, the younger cousin to Teletoon (think Cartoon Network and Boomerang) is known for being home to some of animation’s most classic tales; Spider-man, Inspector Gadget, He-Man, She-Ra, G.I. Joe, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs, The Jetsons, […]

Other Cartoons

Strawberry Shortcake celebrates her 30th year

American Greetings Properties has big things planned for their sweet-smelling princess, Strawberry Shortcake. As 2010 marks the 30th anniversary for Strawberry Shortcake, we’ve already seen a resurgence in popularity – most notably in her brand new series on The Hub, Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures. But that’s not all, berry fans! We’ll also soon be […]