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New Line and Flynn Picture to Develop Hello Kitty Film

Sanrio recently sold the film rights of their iconic Hello Kitty property to Warner Bros.’ New Line Cinema and Flynn Picture Company, who will be on hand to develop the first English-language feature based on the Hello Kitty franchise. There are no details yet on the project, so nobody knows if it will be live action, animation, or a hybrid. Beau Flynn and Wendy Jacobson are attached to the ...


New Trailer for Sanrio and Netflix’s Aggretsuko

A new trailer has just been released for the official worldwide Netflix debut of the short form anime series Aggretsuko. The series is known as Aggressive Retsuko in Japan, and focuses on Sanrio’s red panda office lady character, who is characterized as a fairly passive and polite office worker who unleashes all of her stress through the ancient art form of Death Metal Karaoke. You can check ...


Sanrio’s Aggrestuko to Get Her Own Netflix Series

Sanrio continues to bolster its own library with all new original content, probably as a reaction to the noticeable increase of VOD providers these past few years, and most importantly Walt Disney’s plans to launch their own streaming service (which would be problematic for Netflix, given that many of their most popular shows rely on IPs owned by the house of mouse.) One of Netflix’s upcoming ...


Sanrio and DC Team Up for Hello Kitty x Wonder Woman

Sanrio has recently joined forced with DC in order to bring to life a timely, and we dare say extremely cute, inter-franchise crossovers: Hello Kitty Wonder Woman. As the name implies, the character is Sanrio’s Hello Kitty mascot, dressed up in full regalia as DC Comic’s Wonder Woman, which has recently enjoyed a surge of mainstream popularity as a result of the highly successful blockbuster ...


Sanrio and SEGA Partners For Sonic the Hedgehog x Sanrio Collection

SEGA and Sanrio have recently teamed up in order to launch the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog x Sanrio collection through select Sanrio stores and the online store at The initial line up will consist of 10” plushies with designs that blend SEGA and Sanrios trade mark characters, such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Chococat, and My Melody. The second phase of ...


Keroppi Stars in Dokonjō Gaeru Sequel

Fans of Dokonjō Gaeru or Gutsy Frog will be surprised by Sanrio’s news that the famous sequel series featuring Keroppi, the frog mascot character is in the works. The comedy manga, written by Yasumi Yoshizawa is about a boy who ends up with a flattened, talking frog attached to his favorite T-shirt. The new series is entitled Dokonjō!! Kero Kero Keroppi and is set 28 years after the ending of ...


Sanrio Premieres Aggressive Retsuko TV Anime Shorts Starting April 2

On Friday, Sanrio started streaming a video that introduces the new anime short Aggressive Retsuko. The video reveals the character and shows that the short will debuts on April 2 within the Ō-sama no Brunch TBS Saturday morning program. The show focuses on a 25-year-old red panda Retsuko who works in an accounting department of her dream company. However, it turns out that Retsuko is required ...


Sanrio’s American Branch Plans Hello Kitty Film Project

Sanrio has recently announced that their new American subsidiary, Sanrio Media & Pictures Entertainment, will be producing a new Hello Kitty film, with target date penciled in for 2019. The project has a budget of 20 to 30 billion yen (roughly equivalent to 160 – 240 million USD), which is a lot higher than Sanrio’s typical budget for films and animated works in Japan, usually costing ...


Hello Kitty and KISS Team Up for The Hub

The Hub has recently managed to option the rights to Kiss Hello Kitty (working title), which is a new animated series based on the odd Kiss x Hello Kitty line of merchandise from Sanrio. While the pairing between Hello Kitty and the iconic hard rock band KISS seems highly unlikely, it’s not that surprising considering that both are known to have crossovers with variety of other ...

VIZ Media Launches Street Fighter X Sanrio

VIZ Media Launches Street Fighter X Sanrio

We’re still a few months away from April, so this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke: VIZ Media has recently partnered with Sanrio and Capcom in order to launch a wide variety of licensed products based on a weird mashup called Street Fighter x Sanrio. ...

New Hello Kitty Game for the Nintendo DS

New Hello Kitty Game for the Nintendo DS

Majesco Entertainment and its development partner Chaotic Moon has just released a new Hello Kitty game for the Nintendo DS. Titled Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends, the game has players joining Hello Kitty and numerous Sanrio Friends as they prepare for a picnic, playing 10 different mini-games that include Hidden Object, Spot the Difference, and Picnic Blanket Checkers as they collect ...

Sanrio Meets Ringu in Sadako 3D

Sanrio Meets Ringu in Sadako 3D

Hello Kitty and Sadako Yamamura don’t exactly belong together within the same sentence, much less the same movie, especially if we’re talking about the theatrical release of the latest installment in the classic J-horror franchise. But it’s actually going to happen: to commemorate the Japanese release of Sadako 3D, Sanrio will release three Sadako 3D x Hello Kitty designs. ...

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