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Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary

It was way back in 1991 when Sega first premiered Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. From that moment on, Sonic became the company’s most iconic mascot, knocking Alex Kidd from the title, and never looking back. From his first appearance as a dashboard toy in Rad Mobile, to his Sonic X animated series, battling with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Robotnik, meeting up with Tails and Knuckles, ...

This year, SEGA ensures Sonic is more treat than trick

This year, SEGA ensures Sonic is more treat than trick

Halloween is infamous for bringing out devilish, frightening, and incredibly scary characters to our immediate attention. Most of the time, that’s a great thing. However, for what feels like the bast brajillion years, we’ve gotten a terrifying version of one of our more beloved favorites, without ever asking for or wanting it. The target? Sonic the Hedgehog. While the Sonic X ...

Fifth Generation Pokemon revealed, new Pokemon announced

Fifth Generation Pokemon revealed, new Pokemon Zorua and Zoroark announced

Just a few days ago, we caught word that fifth generation Pokemon were to be revealed in the upcoming days. The Gen-5 Pokemon was seen only in a teaser photo that hid its true identity in a silhouette. Now, as detail hunters scoured the Internet, we are able to reveal some early images of the Pokemon. No more waiting fo Pokemon Sunday later in the month, we’re getting the look at this ...

New Fifth Generation Pokemon GEN-5 to be revealed

New Fifth Generation Pokemon GEN-5 to be revealed

We’ve had some exciting Pokemon news lately; not the least of which involves the upcoming HeartGold and SoulSilver games. But the teaser image above is possibly the biggest event of the bunch, as it indicates an entirely new breed of Pokemon is on it’s way; the fifth generation Pokemon. The new series of critters, known as GEN 5, is still a mystery, but the details will begin to ...


Sonic the …Smart Car?

Sega of France is using some pretty interesting marketing strategies for our favorite little blue hedgehog, Sonic. One Sega fan walking through the country spotted the above Sonic Unleashed painted Smart Car. I guess it IS kind of “Sonic shaped”! Thanks to the Sonic blog for the pic! [Source: ...


Sonic & the Black Knight review

Sonic & the Black Knight has had a lot of hype working towards it, but according to the folks at IGN, that didn’t exactly help the final product.  They recently got a chance to review the game, which is available in stores now.  Check out a new trailer after the break, and a bit of what they had to say: The game will wow with its crisp cinemas, slick interface, online functionality ...


Sonic & The Black Knight Screenshots

Well, as soon as we get the details, we start getting screenshots!  How’s that for service?  Sonic & The Black Knight, the upcoming Nintendo Wii game we told you about earlier, is already deep into development, readying for it’s June 2009 release date.  Check out some of the in-progress screen shots below the break! ...


Another Sonic game?? Sonic & The Black Knight

For all you folks who can’t get enough Sonic gaming, there’s … well… more Sonic gaming!  Sonic & The Black Knight will be out next summer, June 30th, only a few months after the recent release of Sonic Unleashed, and exclusively on the Nintendo Wii.  Click below to read the description of the game! ...


Night of the Werehog

Well, we already knew he could turn into a Werehog from his recently launched video game, Sonic Unleashed. But Sonoic the Hedgehog is cashing in on his werehog appeal by also appearing in his first short animated film! Sonic and his pal make their way into an eerie haunted house only to discover a bunch of mischievous ghosts looking for a good scare. Check out the trailer, below the break! ...


Sonic Unleashed Review

Sonic the Hedgehog is back.  …as a werehog.  OK, so that part is new and weird, but it’s also cool and great!  IGN recently reviewed Sonic Unleashed for Nintendo Wii, and here’s what they had to say: Sonic Unleashed is half great game and half tedious gimmick. The daytime levels will amaze you for they harken back to the 2D classics and are positively overrun with raw speed, ...


Lightning Fast Hedgehog

Sonic Unleashed hits stores in about 10 days, on November 18th.  Excited fans have been discussing the game non-stop for the past few months.  IGN has been updating it’s site lately with some new videos of the game in action, including one we posted below called Lightning Fast Hedgehog.  Check it out below the break! ...

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