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Top 5 Anime Games That Should Have Been Released Outside of Japan

The thing about a lot of anime franchises, particularly shonen ones, is that they lend themselves well to video game adaptations. When a guy in a suit wants to milk more money from a show about spiky-haired people shooting lasers from their swords while kicking each other into mountains, the first thing he thinks of is video games (or poetry, if it’s the guy that will be fired within minutes of stating his bright idea.) So most anime franchises do get their own videogame adaptations.

And since the rest of the world has already become a lucrative market for these things, the anime games eventually find their way to our consoles and handhelds, with a language we can understand slapped on top. Unfortunately, there are things that fall through the cracks – games that didn’t get any localization for some reason even though they have an audience overseas. Here are 5 of the best ones that come to mind:

Best Modern Final Fantasy Protagonists

There’s no denying that Final Fantasy VII on the PSX, despite being a huge departure from the 2D sprite-based format of the series, is the one title that brought the series to people who might not otherwise play a JRPG, much less enjoy one. However, the PSX era also started some sort of a trend: unlikable protagonists.

This is not to say that the characters themselves are universally disliked (many people, me included, actually like Squall) or that the old games had no annoying characters (Edward Chris von Muir, why did you even bother showing up?) but ask any Final Fantasy fan to list his 10 most hated Final Fantasy characters and chances are all of them will be from the Sony era, and chances are most of them will be protagonists – I mean, what the hell, we’re supposed to root for these guys, right?

So on that note, because we love blogging about things that everybody already knows but don’t care enough to blog about, here are 5 modern Final Fantasy protagonists that deserve your love and affection (spoilers galore, so proceed at your own risk):

#5 Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy VII


Cloud is the poster boy for the silent stoic hero that has become a staple of the series and he has his fair share of haters because of that, but he’s actually one of the modern protagonists that we can easily relate to, or at least deserve our sympathy. Sure, he’s currently the most powerful human in the story and has saved his world countless times from world-breaking evils, but he wasn’t even supposed to be there. He’s just there because he wanted to impress a girl back home. And then Crisis Core happened and instead of being just another random Shinra soldier lying face down in the dirt – he gets his memory wiped out and has to carry the Buster Sword, along with all the things it represents.

Interesting Facts About Disney Movies

I almost used “Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Films” as the title for this post, but I remembered that we’re on the Internet. It’s a little bit difficult to come up with facts that people don’t know yet, so it’s better if we just list some interesting facts about several Disney movies. You probably already know most of these facts as they’ve been floating around on various list type articles, but maybe there’s one or two that are new to you.

Little Known Facts About Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Once again, I’m basing this on my own experiences. I’ve watched tons of cartoons from different studios since the 80s and when the Internet “happened,” I used it to find out more content related to cartoons. I thought I knew almost everything there is to know about the cartoon characters that I liked, but it turns out there are a few tidbits that I missed. Here are some of the best ones:

5 Best Fight Scenes in Anime

Personally, I almost always prefer manga over its anime adaptation. You’re getting the better art and story because you’re getting something that’s closer to what the author and artist originally had in mind, and you usually get better pacing – manga chapters come out faster and you can slog through an entire volume in a single day if you’re not a ridiculously slow reader. On the other hand, you’re at the mercy of an anime episode’s runtime. Fast-forwarding an episode isn’t the same as skimming a chapter – you tend to lose the beat and momentum on the former.

However, I don’t believe that the manga is inherently better than its anime adaptation. There is a place for anime even if you don’t count the times when they go off on tangents or change the story completely. For one thing, it shows fight scenes better. A really good anime fight scene takes what already looks good on paper and brings it to life with sound, well-choreographed movements, and of course: colors.

I’m not exactly an anime connoisseur, as I only watch mainstream ones but for what it’s worth, here are 5 of my favorite fight anime fight scenes:

Top 5 Best Anime/Manga Live Action Adaptations

Most of the time, when news about a new live action adaptation of a popular manga or anime franchise surfaces, fans groan collectively. If the studio and creative staff behind said adaptation are credible, fans might give it a chance but on the whole, every single new live-action adaptation makes fans feel that we’ll get another Dragonball: Evolution on our hands.

Below are some of the rare cases where the live action adaptation actually managed to please fans of the source material (and in some cases managed to turn out as films that can be appreciated even by people who are not familiar with the original manga/anime):

Top 5 Bad Live-Action Adaptations of Anime and Manga

Wong Jing’s live action adaptation of City Hunter is considered a poor adaptation due to the inconsistencies with the source material (the tall, young, and broad-shouldered Ryu Saeba is played by Jackie Chan, for starters.) However, once you get past the fact that it’s different from the manga/anime, you’ll find that the film is actually watchable and par for the course as far as Wong Jing’s action comedies are concerned.

On the other hand there are films that are universally hated because they are poor in quality regardless of how consistent they are with the source material. Here are 5 examples of bad live-action adaptation of anime and manga franchises:

Things You Didn’t Know About Disney’s The Little Mermaid

The late 80s was a good time for the House of Mouse. For starters, Who Framed Roger Rabbit broke box office records in ’88, gained critical reception, and spurred new interest in animation. A year after that, Disney went back to its roots by releasing their first modern animated fairy tale musical, The Little Mermaid. Here are some things you probably don’t know behind this Disney classic:

The Bubbles Were Outsourced to China


The Little Mermaid required a lot of effects animation because a large part of the film is set underwater, and the studio didn’t want to skimp on the underwater effects. However, they were still recovering from years of neglect and underperforming projects so they weren’t capable of handling the massive amount of work that the film required. As a solution, Disney outsourced the animation of the bubbles to Chinese animation studio Pacific Rim Productions, which allowed Disney’s effects animators to work on more complicated effects.

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