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Chub City to get a ‘toon of its own!

Chub City to get a 'toon of its own!Any fans of Chub City out there? …Any people living in Chub city?? For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Chub City is a toyline of “tricked-out rides and a slew of cool characters. In Chub City, even fire engines and trash trucks cruise the town with larger-than-life spinning rims”. The idea is hot enough for Dentsu Inc to plan to develop a cartoon about the toys. Welcome to the world of animation, fellas!

Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to Toy Fair

Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to Toy FairToy Fair is the biggest toy event of the year (other than the winter holidays, of course!) and this year, Konami is bringing something big! Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. will be showcasing the big gun; its Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. What they will bring or offer, is not yet known. Could be starter decks, could be highlighted collectibles. But whatever it is, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Toy and Product Recall Finder Toy and Product Recall Finder

Every year, there are a number of toys or products for kids that hit store shelves, but are later found to be dangerous.  No, not because the Batman: Wayne Manor playset cost too much, and not because it hurt when you stepped on the “Bubbles” action figure from PowerPuff Girls — we’re talking about actual danger!  To help protect your family from any kind of harm, has launched a “Toy and Product Recall Finder” ( that lists information on which products could be hazardous.  Go check it out — folks, bring your kids; kids bring your folks!

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